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Our Core Focus

Provide people the opportunity to enrich their lives and community.

Our History

The Hungry Howie’s story began in 1973 when founder Jim Hearn converted a 1,000 square foot hamburger shop in Taylor, Michigan into a successful carry-out and delivery pizzeria. Steve Jackson started off by delivering pizzas for Jim at this location, but soon after, Jim and Steve partnered up to expand Hungry Howie’s and turn it into the brand it is today. By 1983, Jackson and Hearn awarded their first Hungry Howie’s franchise. But the direction of Hungry Howie’s changed forever in 1985 when it was the first to rollout Flavored Crust® pizza.  Now with over 500 locations in 22 states, Hungry Howie’s has become one of the country’s leading pizza brands.


In 1986 Jackson and Hearn founded a separate company called Hungry Howie’s Distributing, Inc.  The goal of Hungry Howie’s Distributing was simple. Deliver the best quality wholesale ingredients and provide first class service to our Hungry Howie’s stores so that they could focus on providing retail customers a great pizza at a fair price.


Always investing in our people and staying true to our original mission, Hungry Howie's Distributing provides a competitive advantage to the Hungry Howie’s brand.  Our state-of-the-art distribution facilities in Michigan and Florida maintain best-in-class service.  We provide good jobs to dedicated, hardworking people.  We focus on ‘doing what we say’ and ‘treating everyone like family’.  We take pride in the generous salary and benefits we offer, our great working environment, equipment, and professional atmosphere.  We are always looking for quality people interested in transportation, warehousing, and procurement.  If you are someone who works hard and wants to be part of a team that knows how to succeed, please consider joining us by checking out the Jobs tab.


Please see Important Notice below:

Important Notice: This page helps put you in touch with Hungry Howie’s Distributing, Inc., a Michigan corporation with wholesale distribution facilities located in Michigan and Florida.  Our principal offices are located at 30300 Stepheson Highway, Suite 100, Madison Heights, Michigan 48071. If you are hired, you are an employee of Hungry Howie’s Distributing and not Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs, Inc., HH Pizza, Inc., or their respective independently owned or operated franchisees. Pay, hours, work conditions, benefits and other terms and conditions of hiring or employment are established by Hungry Howie’s Distributing.  Job descriptions are meant only as a general description. Actual job duties and responsibilities may vary. If you have any questions about employment at Hungry Howie’s Distributing, please directly contact the warehousing facilities in Michigan or Florida.  If you are looking for employment at a local independently owned and operated Hungry Howie’s Pizza® franchise, contact your local store or check out

We come to work each day with one thought in mind, giving great service to you, our customer. Your feedback is important.

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